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Racers and Participants:

Many thanks for participating in the inaugural Heidts Performance Car Challenge and for helping to make it the success it was. I trust a good time was had by all. On behalf of all of us at Heidts and our sponsors, we sincerely appreciate the positive feedback on the forums regarding the event. It was certainly fun watching all of you participate in all of the events that were planned for you.

Whether it was the great questions poised to our production team during plant tour, the shock and awe from the pedestrians as you passed through downtown Wauconda, watching many of you race 80+ miles over the two days and of course, Chad Reynolds keeping us informed, entertained and moving all weekend long, it was a pleasure to have you be part of our event. Other highlights included watching Randy Johnson working night and day, everyone surviving the go-carts, the Autobahn staff trying to clean the track after the WilStop event, letting an Autobahn member's Porsche on the AutoCross course (which was an awakening for him) and the remarkable times and performances turned in by all of you, especially Mark and Mary.

Our plans are to make next year's Heidts Performance Car Challenge at Autobahn even bigger and better. We are currently registering racers on the waiting list for next year's event on the website, as we confirm the date for the 2012 event (likely unchanged or September). Also, be SURE to invite your friends and fellow drivers to sign up for next year's event, judging from the number of first-time competitors at this year's event, there is plenty of interest in these types of events...but we need your help in spreading the word.

Again, we appreciate your support and are committed to grow this event to be one of the best driving experiences for our racers and participants. If you have any additional feedback about this event, or things you'd like have as part of the event in the future, please don't hesitate to let us know. See you next year!

Wal Leyshon


Heidts Automotive

Heidts Hot Rods and Muscle car Parts is proud to announce the inaugural running of the Heidts Performance Car Challenge. This event will provide a dynamic proving ground to test the handling and road manners of some of America's best-built musclecars.

This celebration of horsepower will kick off on Friday afternoon at Heidts Headquarters in Wauconda, Illinois. Participants will be treated to a facility tour and a barbecue. There will event registration staff on hand to get all of the required documents signed prior to race day. After event registration, the QA1Road Rally begins. Participants will take a scenic drive from Heidts to the Holiday Inn in Joliet, Illinois. Bench racing and spending time with friends will conclude the schedule for Friday.

Saturday morning the racing action kicks into full swing at Autobahn Country Club. The Heidts Road Course portion of the event takes place on the North course. This course is a 1.46-mile, 9 turn, adrenaline factory. A full day on the road course assures everyone plenty of track time. Fun will be had by all, whether you are an accomplished veteran, or a rookie looking to see what you and your car can do.

After a day on the road course, Saturday evening, participants will be divided into teams and tackle the Autobahn Karting Course. The Carbon Kustoms Karting Enduro promises to be an exciting display of strategy, teamwork and last but not least, flat out fun!

On Sunday participants will return to Autobahn to test their skills on the Nitto Autocross course and the Wilwood "Wilstop" Braking Challenge. The Nitto Autocross course will thrill both the drivers and spectators and push the entries to the ragged edge of performance. The Wilwood "Wilstop"Braking Challenge promises to be an exciting event as drivers test the limits of acceleration, braking and driver skills all at the same time!

If that's not enough RPM to put you on the rev limiter, The Heidts Performance Car Challenge will also include a Route 66 Motorsports Car Show showcasing some of the most beautiful automotive craftsmanship on the planet. Awards will be given to the winner of each class, and our team of judges will select the Best of Show.

On Sunday evening the event will be capped off with the participant dinner and awards ceremony at the track.

Entry fee is $395 for the driving event. Entry includes one vehicle, two adults, t-shirt, goodie bag, lunch on Friday and Sunday evening Awards Dinner.

**** Sign up for the Performance Car Challenge Registration will be $355.00 for the event ****

Entry fee for the Car Show is $25 and includes two adults, t-shirt and goodie bag.


































































































































NEWS RELEASE Media Contact:

Jimi Day
FM3 Performance Marketing


February 18, 2011 (Wauconda, Il) - Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts is proud to present the Heidts Performance Driving Experience - Midwest, July 15 - 17 at the Autobahn Country Club located in Joliet, IL. The three-day event will provide enthusiast drivers the opportunity to hone their driving skills in the following elements:

Road Course
Road Rally

Karting Enduro

The event will be open to domestic performance vehicles of all years. The Experience will start Friday at Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts headquarters, offering participants time to meet and socialize, followed by a 50 mile cruise to the host hotel in Joliet, IL.

On Saturday the road course element will be run on the Autobahn Country Club North Track. The 1.46-mile track is technical but forgiving and will challenge all levels of drivers from novice to experienced.

On Sunday, drivers will tackle one of the most unique autocross courses ever dreamed - slaloms, rotundas and other features will test set-up and driving skills. Simultaneously, the acceleration/braking challenge will be run on the front straight, demonstrating not only the vehicle's braking prowess, but the driver's abilities and skills as well.

This is a premium driving experience that you don't want to miss. More details and sign-up information to follow - mark your calendars now!

The Heidts Performance Driving Experience will be an OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational qualifier.






Schedule of Events

The Heidts Performance Car Challenge is a five-element event open to all domestic vehicles. The event will be run on July 15th - 17th at Heidts Hot Rods and Muscle Car Parts and one of the Midwest's premier road courses, Autobahn Country Club, in Joliet, IL. The five elements include road course, street driving, autocross, braking challenge and Karting Enduro. In addition to the driving events there will also be a car show July 16th and 17th.


July 15th 2011


Heidts Hot Rods and Muscle Car Parts

111 Kerry Lane
Wauconda, IL - 60084

3:00pm - Arrive at Heidts

4:00pm - 5:00pm Registration, facility tour, and QA1 Barbecue

5:00pm - 5:30 pm Line up in front of Heidts for QA1 Road Rally

6:00pm - 8:00pm QA1 Road Rally from Heidts to Host Hotel - Joliet Holiday Inn and Conference Center

8:00pm - Holiday Inn parking lot - Check in at QA1 Trailer receive decal for completing Cruise

Joliet Holiday Inn Conference Center

411 South Larkin Ave.

Joliet, IL 60436


July 16th, 2011

Autobahn Country Club

3795 South Patterson Rd,

Joliet, IL 60436

7:00am - Arrive at track - gates open

7:00am - 9:00am - Registration and sign in

7:00am - 9:00am - Mandatory tech inspection (must register before tech)

8:00am - 8:20am - Drivers meeting

8:30am - 8:45am - Lead follow laps

9:00am - 12:00pm - Rt. 66 Car Show Registration

12:00pm - 4:00pm - Rt. 66 Car Show Judging


Session One

9:30am - 9:45am Heidts Road Course Challenge Group A

9:50am - 10:05am Heidts Road Course Challenge Group B

10:10am -10:25am Heidts Road Course Challenge Group C

Session Two


10:30am - 10:45am Heidts Road Course Challenge Group A

11:00am - 11:15am Heidts Road Course Challenge Group B

11:20am - 11:35am Heidts Road Course Challenge Group C

11:40am - 12:40pm Lunch break / QA1 Track Cruise

Session Three


12:45pm - 1:00pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group A

1:05pm - 1:20pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group B

1:25pm - 1:40pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group C

Session Four


1:45pm - 2:00pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group A

2:05pm - 2:20pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group B

2:25pm - 2:40pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group C

2:45pm - 3:00pm Corner worker break

Session Five


3:05pm - 3:20pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group A

3:25pm - 3:40pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group B

3:45pm - 4:00pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group C

Session Six


4:05pm - 4:20pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group A

4:25pm - 4:40pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group B

4:45pm - 5:00pm Heidts Road Course Challenge Group C


5:15pm - 5:45pm Carbon Kustoms Karting Enduro drivers meeting and team selection

5:45pm - 6:45pm Carbon Kustoms Karting Enduro

7:15pm - Secure Track

July 17th, 2010

Autobahn Country Club

3795 South Patterson Rd,

Joliet, IL 60436

All participants arrive at track gates open 7:00am

7:00am - 9:00am - Registration and sign in and re-grouping

(Divide group C and add to groups A and B)

7:00am - 9:00am Mandatory tech inspection (must register before tech)

8:00am - 8:30am - Drivers meeting

8:30am - 8:45am - Autocross walk

9:00am - 12:00pm - Car Show Registration

12:00pm - 2:30pm - Car Show Judging

9:00am - 10:20am Wilwood Wilstop Challenge Group A

9:00am - 10:20am Nitto Autocross Challenge Group B

10:30am - 11:50am Nitto Autocross Challenge Group A

10:30am - 11:50am Wilwood Wilstop Challenge Group B

12:00 - 1:00pm Lunch break / QA1 Track Cruise

1:00pm - 3:30pm Open track time on Nitto Autocross Challenge and Wilwood Wilstop Challenge

3:00pm Rt. 66 Car Show Awards Ceremony

3:40pm - 4:45 pm Strange Engineering Awards Banquet

5:00pm Secure track


Heidts Performance Car Challenge

Official Rules

1) Qualifying vehicles must be four-wheeled government licensed, registered and insured domestic street vehicles. No purpose built racecars will be allowed to compete. This event is designed to be a fun and spirited competition to showcase street driven performance vehicles.

2) All drivers and passengers must sign a liability waiver. Passengers must be at least 18 years of age, identified and registered before the competition begins and only one passenger may be in the vehicle during the event.

3) A mandatory driver/passenger meeting will be held prior to the first competition.

4) Only official wrist banded drivers and passengers may ride in the cars on the course.

5) All competitors must have current registration, proof of insurance, and a current driver's license.

6) Participating cars must pass a technical inspection that will emphasize safety. Safety features such as racing specific harnesses, roll cages/bars, fire systems, etc, are acceptable and strongly recommended. All of the following will be required:

a) Functional headlights

b) Functional taillights

c) Functional brake lights

d) Functional turn signals

e) Safety-glass or Lexan windshield

7) On board fire extinguisher A 2.5 lb. minimum, automotive BC fire extinguisher, with a secure quick-release mounting bracket made of metal. The mounting bracket must be securely mounted to the vehicle or cage, zip ties will not be allowed. The extinguisher must be within easy reach of the driver.

8) Helmet use is required during all segments of the competition. Helmet must be approved automotive style with a Snell foundation sticker of SA 2005 or later. Motorcycle helmets will not be approved.

9) All convertibles or roadsters must have rollover protection.

10) During the event, passengers will not be allowed in any open top or convertible vehicle under any circumstances while in competition.

11) Non-synthetic clothing (cotton, wool, leather, etc.) covering the torso, arms and legs shall be required (no shorts or short sleeves). The use of racing fire protection gear is highly recommended.

12) Cost to enter the experience is $395. Entry includes one (1) vehicle, two (2) individuals, two (2) Friday BBQ tickets, two (2) Sunday dinner tickets and one (1) gift bag. The event will be limited to the first 80 registrations, after which a waiting list will be established.

13) Show-n-shine only entry fee is $25 and includes two (2) individuals and one (1) gift bag.

14) Each vehicle is limited to one entry, with one number and one driver; no sharing of vehicles will be permitted.

15) This event will consist of four elements:

a) Street Driving (50 miles of rural highway and city streets)

b) Autocross

c) Acceleration/braking

d) Road Course (1.46 miles)

16) Bonus points may be awarded to vehicles completing all elements of the event.

17) No competitive professional drivers will be allowed to compete for awards.

18) Each entrant will be issued a decal package that will include car numbers that must be clearly visible on both doors. Decal package must be applied per specifications.

19) TIRES - Participants must use DOT approved, non-competition, treaded (non-grooved) street tires (no competition radials, no R compound, drag radials or shaved tread) with a manufacturers tread wear rating of 200 or greater. Tires will be required to pass a technical inspection at the track. The spirit of the event requires the use of a DOT approved non competition tire any modifications to tires will be unacceptable. The race director and technical inspector reserves the right to exclude any tire that does not appear to be a legitimate street tire regardless of tread wear rating. Any vehicle with tires showing any evidence of modification will be immediately disqualified from the event. Participants not using proper tires may be allowed to run but will not receive times and cannot compete for awards.

20) Competitors must use a single set of tires for the entire event, no tire changing between events will be allowed. Tires will be marked during tech. Tire changes will be allowed in the event of a catastrophic failure, but replacements must be of the same size, manufacturer and model as those approved during tech inspection.

21) Any participant or participants vehicle that does a burnout or any other reckless conduct at any time during the event will be disqualified.

22) Race director and event management staff will have COMPLETE discretion to deny or remove from competition anyone in the event for any reason.

23) Rules interpretation will be at the sole discretion of the Race Director and/or event organizers. Rules may be changed or amended as necessary at organizers discretion

REGISTRATION - Registration is open for the 2012 Event

Once you enter your team name (or leave it blank) and click "Buy Now" you will be redirected to Paypal to complete your registration for the event.

Once complete, you will receive an order confirmation and an email with a link to the Entry forms for you and your car. Please fill them out and fax or email them to Heidts.

Click here or call us at 1-800-841-8188 with any questions.

Fax at... Mail to...
1-262-618-4071 FM3 Performance Marketing, Inc
Attn: Shelia
1369 Port Washington Road
Suite 346
Grafton, WI 53024

Entry Form

Car Show Form

Breakdown of what is included in each entry

Racer Participant:
Six 15 minutes sessions(depending on entries) on the Heidts 1.46 mile Road Course track on Saturday, 7/16,
at America's premier Autobahn Motorsport Club,,
Participate in the Willwood Braking Challenge
Participate/compete in the Nitto Auto Cross event,
Tour of the countryside in the 50 mile QA1 Road Rally
Gain Optima Challenge points-by competing in all events
Access to SCCA track instruction,
Compete for Sponsor Awards,
Free Carbon Kustoms Karting Enduro experience
Access to all track day events,
Two meals - BBQ at Heidts and Event Dinner at Autobahn,
Special Driver event long sleeve shirt and sponsor "goody bag"

Car Show Participant:
Route 66 Car Show Event Tee Shirt,
Juried show with recognized industry professionals with awards for 10 different car categories!
Sponsor awards on Saturday,
Free admission to watch all events
Sponsor "goody bag".






 Results that can be downloaded

HPCC Overall

HPCC - QA1 Road Rally

HPCC - Heidts Road Course

HPCC - Nitto Autocross

HPCC - Wilwood Wilstop

Offical Results of the Heidts Performance Car Challenge



QA1 Road rally

Heidts Road course

Nitto Autocross

 Wilwood Wilstop

Grand Total

Overall Rank

Mark Steilow 44 5 25 22 25 77 1 Champion
Mary Pozzi 37 5 20 25 22 72 2 OUSCI Invite Winner
James Shipka 36 5 22 20 20 67 3  
Mark Greenisen 51 5 18 11 16 50 4  
Matthew Altamore 48 5 14 16 8 43 5  
Chris Jacobs 21 5 11 14 13 43 6  
Randy Johnson 29 5 10 13 14 42 7  
Karl Dunn   22 5 15 15 2 37 8  
Jeff Schwartz 46 5 16 10 0 31 9  
Greg Schneider 31 0 4 12 15 31 10  
Bill Herder 24 5 0 7 18 30 11  
Vaughn West 27 5 8 9 6 28 12  
Kurt Ukasik 43 5 2 6 12 25 13  
William Sonichsen 28 0 0 18 5 23 14  
Jeff VanBuren 41 5 12 2 4 23 15  
Bret Voelkel 30 0 13 0 10 23 16  
Daniel Long 42 5 0 5 9 19 17  
James Nilsen 23 5 6 8 0 19 18  
Ed Hazelwood 68 5 5 0 7 17 19  
Scott Parkhurst 32 5 0 0 11 16 20  
Todd Longfellow 26 5 7 0 0 12 21  
Paul Mulligan  35 5 1 3 1 10 22  
Albert Melchior 53 0 9 0 0 9 23  
Jim Stehlin 39 5 0 4 0 9 24  
Mark Golovin  34 5 3 0 0 8 25  
Joseph Cascio 49 5 0 1 0 6 26  
Brian Davis 47 5 0 0 0 5 27  
Mark Gizzie 38 5 0 0 0 5 28  
Scott Maki 40 5 0 0 0 5 29  
Kevin Miller 50 5 0 0 0 5 30  
Greg Davidson 45 0 0 0 0 0 31  
Kenny Brown  69 0 0 0 0 0 32  
Matthew Duque 54 0 0 0 0 0 33

2011 Heidts Performance Car Challenge - Carbon Kustoms Karting Enduro Results

1 FOUR 103   1:00:16
2 FIVE 102 1 Lap 1:00:33
3 TWELVE 102 1 Lap 1:00:35
4 ONE 101 2 Laps 1:00:19
5 EIGHT 101 2 Laps 1:00:22
6 SEVEN 100 3 Laps 1:00:21
7 SIX 100 3 Laps 1:00:30
8 THREE 100 3 Laps 1:00:32
9 ELEVEN 99 4 Laps 1:00:26
10 TWO 98 5 Laps 1:00:41
11 TEN 92 11Laps 1:00:42
12 NINE 89 14 Laps 1:00:23

The system awards 25 points to the winner of the element (the participant with the best performance). Subsequent points are then awarded to the 2nd through 20th place positions in descending increments.

Finishing position Points awarded

1st Place 25 Points
2nd Place 22 Points
3rd Place 20 Points
4th Place 18 Points
5th Place 16 Points
6th Place 15 Points
7th Place 14 Points
8th Place 13 Points
9th Place 12 Points
10th Place 11 Points
11th Place 10 Points
12th Place 9 Points
13th Place 8 Points
14th Place 7 Points
15th Place 6 Points
16th Place 5 Points
17th Place 4 Points
18th Place 3 Points
19th Place 2 Points
20th Place 1 Point

Points are awarded in each element and the cumulative high score after all elements are completed is the overall winner.

Any ties will be issued the same points score and the positions will be adjusted accordingly.

2-way tie for 1st - both participants are awarded 25 points. The next place finisher is awarded the third place points of 20.

3 way tie for 3rd - 1st place 25, 2nd place 22, 3rd - 5th place 20, 6th place 15, etc.

Event Sponsors


Sponsorship or Manufacturer's Midway questions:
Cari Southworth

For complete set of rules and registration requirements, please call


 Track Participants

Bill Herder - GTO          Karl Dunn - Camaro
Bill Herder - 66 GTO                                                 Karl Dunn - 68 Camaro

Chris Jacobs          Jim Nilsen
Chris Jacobs - 66 Chevelle                                Jim Nilsen - 67 Camaro

Todd Longfellow         

Todd Longfellow - 77 Camaro                              Jason Wood 

Richard Gregory - 69 Camaro                  Thomas Cronkright - 70 Firebird

Heidts Vehicle - 71 Camaro                           Randy Johnson - 71 Camaro

                          Williams Sonichsen

Scott Parkhurst                                            Mark Golovin - 2000 Camaro SS 

Bret Voelkel - RideTech                        Paul Mulligan - 2010 Challenger 


Mary Pozzi - 1973 "Plain Jane" Camaro          

 James Shipka - 1967 Camaro
Mark Gizzie - 1999 Camaro SS                                                               Jim Stehlin


Scott Maki - 1973 Camaro                                  Jeff Van Buren - Camaro

             Daniel Long                                          Brent Jarvis - 1965 Corvette     

John Orlow - 1970 Chevelle                                 Mark Stielow - Camaro

Schwartz Performance - 1965 Tempest             Greg Davidson - 2010 Camaro

Robert Mcgaffin                                            Ridetech - 48 Hour Camaro

J.C Cascio - Strange Engineering                   Matt Altamore - 1969 Camaro

Car Show



The Heidts Performance Car Challenge team is excited to announce that the 2011 Heidts Performance Car Challenge, taking place at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL, will include a full-scale car show as an additional element to the event!

In today's enthusiast market, the "Show" is as important as the "Go" and we want to make sure that everyone is represented. If you have a stunning showpiece or if you would like to bring your ride and just spectate, you are welcome and invited to the Heidts Performance Car Challenge! We will judge the following classes:

Street Rod (pre 49)

Any domestic cars built prior to 1949.

Classic Custom (49-63)

Any domestic cars built between 1949 and 1963.

Muscle Car (64-74)

Any domestic cars built between 1964 and 1974.

Street Machine (75-95)

Any domestic cars built between 1975 and 1995.

Late Model (96-11)

Any domestic cars built between 1996 and present.

Classic Truck (pre 74)

Any domestic trucks built prior to 1974.

Muscle Truck (75-95)

Any domestic trucks built between 1975 and 1995.

Late Model truck (96-11)

Any domestic trucks built between 1996 and present.

Under Construction

Any unfinished project vehicle.

Best of Show

Winner takes home the "Big Trophy"and sponsor prize package

The HPCC Car Show is Saturday and Sunday, with judging both days. The Heidts Performance Car Challenge promises to be one of the biggest events of the summer. You don't want to miss it! Mark your calendar today for July 16-17

Car Show

Car Show Entry Form